Make Your Hunt Epek

EPEK was created specifically to be the most accurate and deadly broadhead in the industry. In order to eliminate frustration of inaccurate flight of current broadheads on the market, 4 fellow bowhunters began to bounce ideas off one another to create a broadhead that was not challenged by wind currents any more than a typical field point. With the aid of an inner cardboard section of a paper towel roll, they created the beginnings of a prototype. With cardboard blades and sanded down foam body, they implemented the first “Total Blade Concealment” broadhead. Epek creators realized that just about ALL broadheads do a fine job in lacerating and creating wound channels but getting a broadhead to fly WELL with deadly impact was the key to their success. The team created the industry's most accurate broadhead that gives severe lacerations and wound channels. To date, Epek has helped extreme hunters break numerous world records as well as helped many other bowhunters achieve great success in the field. We are not only an Epek broadhead, we’re creating Epek hunts.

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