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Epek Headhunter 100 Grain

Epek Broadheads are an innovative, patented design concept that finally provides bowhunters a broadhead that is completely accurate in flight. Why it’s the deadliest and most accurate broadhead in the industry:

  • Total Blade Concealment
  • Guaranteed 3 Blade Deployment
  • Practice Mode Feature
  • 1.75 inch Cutting Diameter
  • Chisel Tip
  • Precision Triggered Blade Deployment
  • Extremely Strong and Sharp Blades
  • Completely Aerodynamic Design for Pinpoint Accuracy

Epek Headhunter 100 Grain

Because so many hunters in the field want to see a durability test, Epek put the head to the test. We have now created what we know will beat EVERY mechanical broadhead on the market in a head to head durability test. We have shot it through concrete blocks, steel barrels, and heavy grade plywood and we achieved Epek results. With its unique hardened aluminum chisel head, very few obstacles do enough damage to it to feel that it is not the most durable chisel point in the industry. With its improved features between the inner and outer components and the method of impact, the head simply is top in its class. Strong blades have finished this broadhead as a definite leader amongst the mechanical broadhead industry as the most DURABLE broadhead on the market.


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